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PharmaResearch Products ignited the sales and marketing of ‘CLEVIEL,’ …

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PharmaResearch Products Co. Ltd. announced on February 12 that they completed the contract to transfer the dermal filler business of Aestura Corporation, a subsidiary of AMOREPACIFIC Group, and started sales marketing in earnest. 

Last month, the acquisition, which was concluded in the form of a binding MOU between the two companies, was conducted by PharmaResearch Products Co. Ltd., which acquired a portfolio and technology related to the hyaluronic acid dermal filler, ‘CLEVIEL.’ 

The HA dermal filler, ‘CLEVIEL,’ has a lineup of Contour 50 mg, Prime 33 mg, and Fine 15 mg, depending on the contents of hyaluronic acid. It is widely sold, not only in South Korea, but also in overseas markets such as Japan and Hong Kong. This is because, it is a differentiated technology that extends its duration by utilizing patented 4L Cross-Linking Technology, which shows excellent physical properties. 

PharmaResearch Products Co. Ltd. said, “as we have acquired the HA dermal filler pipeline, we have been able to establish a strategic business in order to secure our position in the beauty industry with the synergy of the existing PN product, ‘Rejuran®’ and future botulinum toxin products. We will continue with our marketing activities.” They also stated that, since Chinese clinical results will be completed in the near future, they will quickly start the registration process and set the stage for a wider global medical aesthetic market.