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PharmaResearch Products Introduces New Products at China International…

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The PharmaResearch Products Co., Ltd. attended the China International Beauty Expo 2018 held in Guangzhou, China from March 10-12 and introduced its selection of medical devices and new cosmetics to global buyers.


During the exhibition period, more than 1,000 buyers visited the PharmaResearch Products booth, and import/export consultations on regenerative medicine products with patent technologies associated with DNA optimization were conducted.


In particular, REJURAN® Healer, a cosmetic with the active ingredient c-PDRN®, that sold more than 100,000 bottles last year after it launched through a South Korean home-shopping network, and the medical device REJURAN®, which obtained market authorization from the Ministry of Health Malaysia earlier this year received great attention from international buyers. In addition, the hyaluronic acid dermal filler ‘CLEVIEL’, which was acquired from Aestura Corporation earlier this year was also introduced.


Meanwhile, 3,800 companies from 21 countries participated in the China International Beauty Expo that PharmaResearch Products participated in and attracted more than 800,000 visitors in 2017. It is considered one of the three major beauty related exhibitions in the world.