Evolution of PharmaReaserch
Products Co., Ltd.
  • 1993

  • Established : First Domestic RA consulting Enterprise
  • 1994~1999

  • Domestic agent contract with Omron, Japan (1994)
    Starting out product licensing R&D consulting service
        started with Korean Armway, and performed 700 types of pharmaceuticals,
        medical device, nutraceutical
  • 2000~2005

  • Anti-Cancer Immuno regulatory injection, "Zadaxin Inj." Launched (2000)
    Incorporation of going business of PharmaReserach Co. Ltd(2001)
    Signed with JBP on exclusive distributorship agreement for human placenta
        Injection (2004)
    Established subsidiary firm "Pharma MD" (2004)
    KGSP authorized Agency (2004)
  • 2006~2011

  • Tissue Regeneration Injection "Placentex" Launched (2008)
    Metabolic activation injection "ATP " Launched (2008)
    Completed joint research with KIST on manufacturing method of PDRN/PN (2009)
    Established Venture Factory (2010)
    Established Affiliated laboratory (2011)
    D+CELL 350 TRA Manufactured and Launched (2011)
  • 2012~Current

  • Appointed as a Venture Business (2012)
    Established Gangneung Factory (2013)
       (Medicine, Medical device, Cosmetic, Food) (2013)
    Gangneung Factory, GMP approved (2013)
    API PDRN DMF approved (2014)
    Medical device Rejuvenex® approved by MFDS (2014)
    Approved as Manufacture business
    Regeneration Pharmaceuticals 'Rejuvenex® Inj., Rejuvenex® Cream, Re-An®' Product approved
    Established Affiliated regeneration & anti-aging research center
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