• Rejuvenex®injection

    As a tissue regeneration activator, Rejuvenex®Injection regenerates connective tissue including ligament, tendon, skin and etc.

  • Rejuvenex®Cream

    Rejuvenex®Cream treats the wound through rapid tissue regeneration.

  • D+CELL 350® TRA Moisture Balancer

    Premium skin recovery solution to revitalize your skin

  • REJURAN® Healer

    As the new concept of skin healing injectable device using PN that is tissue regeneration material, REJURAN®Healer helps skin maintain healthy and beautiful by improving the physiological condition of damaged inner skin.

  • D+CELL 350® TRA Activating Facial Toner

    Premium skin recovery solution to revitalize your skin

  • D+CELL 350® TRA High Potency Eye Lift

    Premium skin recovery solution to revitalize your skin

  • D+CELL 350® TRA Concentrated Rejuvenati…

    Premium skin recovery solution to revitalize your skin

  • D+CELL 350® TRA Intensive Repair Serum

    Premium skin recovery solution to revitalize your skin

  • REJURAN®Healing Cream

    A healing cream that invigorates sensitive and aged skin by supplying it with moisture and nutrients

  • REJURAN® Concentrate

    An essence that contains highly concentrated skin active components to care for sensitive and aged skin

  • Re-An®Eye drops

    corneal regeneration eye drops protecting the eyes from corneal damages form various causes.

  • REJURAN® Moisturizer

    REJURAN®Moisturizer is good for daily skin protection through its outstanding moisturizing and antioxidant functions

  • REJURAN® Sunscreen SPF50+ PA+++

    Without leaving white cast, this sunscreen protects sensitive skin from UV rays.

  • D+CELL 350 TRA®I

    D+CELL 350 TRA®I promotes generation of new cells with DNA fragment optimized for tissue regeneration. D+CELL 350 TRA®I rejuvenates skin and improves skin elasticity through stimulating fibroblast and collagen substances by promoting the secretion of various cell growth factors such as FGF, EGF and IGF.

  • D+CELL 350 TRA®W

    D+CELL 350 TRA®W contains Arbutin approved for whitening effect. Used for pigment treatment such as freckle, erythema and dark circle.

  • D+CELL 350 TRA®Hydro

    D+CELL 350 TRA®Hydro has strong hydration and skin regeneration effects suitable for use immediately after Laser treatment.

  • D+CELL 350 TRA®Cream

    D+Cell 350 TRA®Cream is a homecare cream for maintaining regeneration effect after exposure to the UV as well as physical and chemical responses.

  • D+CELL 350 TRA® W Mask

    With the main ingredients such as c-PDRN® and Niasinamide known as regenerative and brightening effect, this Regenerative and Brightening Mask helps to make skin brighterand improve flush of the skin by preventing the generation of melanin inside of skin. It also contains Alginto purify the damaged skin by harmful environment by removing dead skin cells and wastes on the skin.

  • D+CELL 350 TRA® I Mask

    With the main ingredients such as c-PDRN and CentellaAsiatica, this Intensive regenerative Mask helps skin regeneration and rapid relief on damaged or troubled skin and makes skin tone clear and healthier by promoting collagen synthesis. This mask also contains Adenosine as a main ingredient that has an anti-wrinkle and lifting effect that helps to improve skin elasticity.

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